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Supply Chain News - Walmart and Amazon

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 Dan Gilmore
 Supply Chain Digest

 March 17, 2017

 Supply Chain News: Walmart and Amazon by the Numbers 2017

 Our Annual Review of the World's Two Most Important Retailers

I think it is rather safe to say that the two most important retailers in the world today are Walmart and


Walmart earns that place due to its stature as the world's largest merchant (and company) and one that represents an often substantial share of many consumer goods companies' total sales. Amazon obviously earns a spot as the dominant ecommerce company, which is where all the action is right now, sucking most of the oxygen out of the retail room. It continues its phenomenal growth - hardly even slowing down in the face of the law of big numbers - and has been an innovation machine in terms of fulfillment and more (e.g., in the past  few months, the fascinating new Go store concept, new supply chain-related patents it seems almost weekly, and more).

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